Download Minion Rush PC Edition v1.4.0m

The latest version for the Minion Rush game, v1.4.0m which includes the newest stage: The Mall. Download Minion Rush for your PC with version 1.4.0m from this page.

It is still the running game of Minions that you always love, now you can play it on your PC. Without BlueStacks or even if you are using the oldest computer that is still living. Our team managed to port the game and finally get rid of the need for BlueStacks to emulate the Android game.

Why we hate BlueStacks? No, it just simply that it requires high hardware resource to run games smoothly and not all user's have that. Another thing is the issue with controls.

After so many sleepless nights, we are proud to bring you this Despicable Me game you can play on your PC, the Minion Rush v1.4.0m PC Edition.


It has a new GUI that is clean and easy to use.

From the Game menu, you can select the costume or Minion character you want to play. All characters can be easily unlocked on the Cheats menu. You can also pick the stage where you want to start running. All these stages are unlockable by the built-in Cheats menu as well. Clicking "Play" button will start your minion running.

On the Settings page, you can set the display resolution. This simply rescales the game upon your choice as per your screen/monitor capability. Higher resolution will look better with bigger displays. However, it might require you a decent video card. Nevertheless, the default settings is just fine for everyone to enjoy their time with the minions.

You can also set the keyboard controls easily with the game's settings options. Action button refers to clicking the target points on boss battle, but with a twist: it automatically pops the aimed area so you just need to press the button once these markers appears. Convenient isn't it?


What makes our mod for the Minion Rush game on PC above others' is its integrated Cheat menu. You do not need to worry anymore with your Bananas or Tokens. This cheats for the Minion Rush is the all-in-one solution you might be looking for. We really just want you to enjoy the most out of it, that's why we added this feature.

You can connect with facebook for your account, or boosting your account with the cheats tool. You can link your account as well to share your high scores with your friends without them knowing that you played Minion Rush on your PC! Our previous release doesnt supports this, due to insistent public demand, we decided to implement a working account linking feature on this new release.

The Minion Rush for PC program will update automatically once updates will come up. Be sure to stay updated always.

The Help tab will show you the controls and some misc. information.


Watch the video below to see it on action!


Step 1: Click "LIKE". Three (3) times.
Step 2: Click "Download" button.
Step 3: Complete download.

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